I am Spencer Hakim, a 26 year-old software and web developer from New York City. I have several years’ experience working with C#, C++/CLI, C++, C, PHP 4/5, MySQL/MS-SQL, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. I am also somewhat familiar with Objective-C, Python, Perl, Java, Ruby, and Bash scripting.

Currently, I am employed by D3 LED, a relatively small company which designs and manufactures dynamic digital displays (the “D3” in our name) for a variety of locations and venues. Our signs and technology make up a large portion of Times Square, and I write the software behind those displays. My current responsibilities include maintaining and advancing our software offerings, providing support for those offerings, and addressing client needs. Previously, I worked on a multitude of projects which have varied in nature, scale, and scope.

In my free time, I enjoy creating/hacking/forking/breaking things, building things with LEGOs, playing PC/console/handheld/card/board games, watching quality movies and television (read: binging on Netflix), trying out various whiskies at local tastings, funding various interesting projects on Kickstarter, and using Oxford commas. I’ve also been known to spend some of my down time practicing and improving my design and graphical skills; I’m not completely useless in that field.

Some of my personal achievements include receiving the prestigious TIME Person of the Year award in 2006, being a part of the US FIRST Robotics “One Day Wonder” back in 2004, and catching/trading for all 151 original Pokémon in my copy of Pokémon Blue when I was a kid.