This is a collection of projects NOT on GitHub that I’ve worked on as part of a group or on my own, both in my free time or for work/school. They aren’t listed in any particular order other than somewhat chronologically. I add projects as I finish them, or as I find them in the depths of my hard drive. Please check out my GitHub (or Gist.GitHub) for more of my open-source work. You can also visit my StackOverflow and LinkedIn profiles. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

  • D3.Player – My main project at D3 LED, I single-handled rewrote this┬ácustom multi-surface media player, with a focus on high availability and performance, complex scheduling, content support, hardware device input, smooth text scrolling, and embedded C# scripting (provided by Mono’s compiler-as-a-service), from the ground up to simplify the UI/UX and take advantage of the latest in hardware video acceleration, as well as include any features specifically requested by clients. Used in a variety of high-profile locations and venues including several displays in Times Square, several major and minor sports and entertainment arenas, the NBC TODAY Show, U.S. Uniqlo stores, San Francisco International Airport, and more locations abroad. On-going project since March 2011.
  • Sandman – Super simple program I use to keep my multiple displays off while I sleep. Wrote it after tiring of having to manually turn off each monitor before going to sleep, since they would sometimes randomly turn back on and wake me up. This app works by repeatedly telling Windows to its displays to sleep for the specified amount of time. Written Spring 2013, licensed under the GPLv3.
  • SpencerHakim.com – Wrote up a small landing page for SpencerHakim.com that contained some important links and a stream of my activity pulled from a variety of sources including GitHub, Twitter, and FourSquare. Decided to integrate it with WordPress to make management easier, as well as benefit from some server-side page-caching. Originally written November 2010, rewritten October 2011. (No longer used)
  • BuyLocal (RCOS) – Group project for my Managing IT Resources class during the Fall 2009 semester at RPI. We received the code from our client, a PhD candidate at RPI, as v0.2 with a list of features and requirements for v0.3 (one of which was to, unfortunately, make minimal changes to the visual style and design of the site), to be delivered by the end of the semester. I served as the Chief Technical Officer and Lead Developer for the project. The site is located at www.buylocal.rpi.edu. (I believe it is no longer maintained)
  • RPI Shoutbox – Group project designed and built from the ground up for Software Design & Documentation during my Spring 2009 semester at RPI. I wrote the majority of the PHP and JavaScript code.
  • smartDark for phpBB3 – A port of the visual styling and design of smartDark2 for phpBB2. I decided to port it after seeing some posts on various forums asking for a port. Credit to smartor for the original design.
  • UPK Info ScreenshotUPK Exporter – The first unofficial tool (as far as I can tell) to successfully parse the Unreal Engine 3 .UPK file format. Supported very basic (and often not-entirely-correct) data exportation. I did it as an experiment in reverse engineering binary file formats. The code doesn’t exactly conform to the standards I hold myself to now, so I’m not going to post it here to save myself the embarrassment. There are far better/more reliable tools available now that finished the work I started, anyway. Written Fall 2007.
  • Screenshot of SimonGameSimonGame – Inspired by the Milton Bradley classic. I wrote it as a simple demo of NSTimers and UIView animations for my students at iD Tech. Written Summer 2010. Code licensed under the GPLv3.
  • Screenshot of TicTacToe_iOSTicTacToe – Written to show my students at iD Tech the basics of IBActions and IBOutlets. Supports two players as well as a computer opponent. The AI functionality was added in later on at the request of my students. Written Summer 2010. Code licensed under the GPLv3.