smartDark for phpBB3

I ported smartDark to phpBB3 a while back and decide to fix the little things I didn’t touch originally, update it to work with 3.0.6 (a few new theme files were added), and release it to the world. So, here it is, smartDark2 for phpBB3. Credit goes to smartor for the original design/images, and the code-base for this version is subsilver2 by the phpBB Group (copyrights apply where applicable).

File –

Found a bug? Leave a comment.


  • 2/17/2010 – v3.1.1 – Fixed Register link showing up even while logged in; Fixed UCP and PM links showing up while logged out; Updated a few outdated copyright notices.
  • 1/13/2010 – v3.1.0 – Header now resembles original smartDark instead of subSilver2; Added breadcrumbs (Index >> Forum >> Sub-forum); a bit of clean-up.
  • 1/3/2010 – v3.0.0 – Initial release.

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